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Numatics Valves

Numatics 501 Series Directional Control Valves Numatics Directional Control Valves - 501 Series

High flow rate 11mm pneumatic valve. 4 way solenoid air pilot actuated valves including double 3/2 function. Available in manifold with Fieldbus, compatible with all industrial protocols (DeviceNet, Profibus-DP) and leading Industrial Ethernet protocols (EtherNet/IP, EtherNet/IP DLR, Profinet)

Series: 501
Numatics Directional Control Valves Series 503 Photo

Numatics Directional Control Valves - 503 Series

Numatics 503 Valve series provides higher flow and higher reliability in one versatile valve platform. Our 503 Series is available in dual 3-Way and 4-Way solenoid air pilot actuated valves.  503 Series valves are available with manifold or individual base mountings, proprietary or ISO 15407. Numatics 503 series valves are compatible the Numatics G3 Fieldbus Electronics Platform.

Series: 503
ISO Valves
Numatics Photo ISO Valves
Numatics ISO Valves adhere to the specific mounting footprint established by the International Standards Organization (ISO).

Series: 5599/2, 15407-2, 5599/1
Directional Control Valves - Featuring Circuit Board Technology
Directional Control Valves
Our 2000 Series valves offer advanced circuit board technology inside. All are Fieldbus Electronics capable.

Series: 2002, 2004, 2005, 2012, 2035   Fieldbus Capable
Directional Control Valves - Standard
Directional Control Valves
The directional control line of valves are available in a wide range of port sizes and Cv flow capacity.

Series: Mark 3, SPA 3 PA 3, Mark 8, 2009, Mark 15, SPA 15, PA 15, Mark 55, SPA 55, PA 55, 140
Line Mounted Valves
Line Mounted Valves
In-line or manifold mounted, featuring DIN plug-in solenoids with indicator lights, operate on lubricated or unlubricated air.

Series: LO1, L1, L2
Poppet Valves
Poppet Valves
For compressed air or vacuum service, Numatics poppet valves are ideal for use with single acting cylinders, air bellows, and vacuum material handling applications.

Series: NF (PA-SPA), NG (PA-SPA-Vacuum), NM Foot Pedal
Lockout and Shut off Valves Numatics
Lockout and Shut Off Valves
Numatics lockout and shut off valves prevent unauthorized pressurization of an air system during service or maintenance.

Inline: VL / VT 32, 40, 42, 52 - Modular: VSL 32, 42
Automotive Series Valves
Automotive Series Valves
The Numatics Automotive Series valves comply with automotive interchangeable and S.A.E. industrial standards.

Series: 75, 125, 250

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